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Alterations by Alyona

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Quality and Service

Here I care about you, and your requests. I do not bunch you in with every other job or alteration. I take time to make sure you get the best service and quality. You are coming to me with an item that is important to you, and I understand the importance of a seamstress you can trust.

“I lost 80 pounds in a year and brought all of my dress shirts, Seven brand jeans, and numerous expensive items for her to alter to my new size. I was actually over almost too small from my old sizes and most places wouldn’t alter my clothes bc the seams wouldn’t match up. She worked her magic and turned a very difficult alteration job(S) into perfect fitting clothes for my new size. She is unbelievably cheap for her work!!!! I told her she needs to advertise bc people are looking for this kind of quality!!!! Highly recommend!!”


“After getting my jeans and dress shirts successfully altered here to a form fit, I came back for my suits. Alyone altered my suits after one alteration shop refused my clothes(before I found Alyone alterations) because too much material needed taken out bc I lost a lot of weight. it’s very difficult to match the stripe pattern when altering the seams they say. Alyone took my suits and gave them a million dollar form fit for a VERY cheap price! She should charge more bc of her skill level and advertise bc people want this quality of service!!! I’m now buying suits and bringing them to Alyone for her to alter into a custom tailor form fit for cheap!!!!

Here is one of my suits she altered for the Bixby “Father Daughter Dance”. Thanks Alyone!!”

Andrew Wilson

Bixby, OK

I had a beautiful wedding gown that I loved but it was just too small. Alyona was able to remove the zipper in the back and convert the gown into a lace-up back. It fit more than perfect!!! I cannot give Alyona enough praises. She is truly amazing! She has done everything for my family; from prom dresses to suits for my sons. Alyona is amazing to work with not only because of her skill, but she is the sweetest person you will ever have the chance to meet. I would recommend her to everyone!!!!

Rosanne S.

Bride, Tulsa, OK

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