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Women's Alterations


A wedding dress is always the central point of brides special day. With this in mind, Alterations by Alyona will pay special attention to the unique details of your dress and make sure the proper alterations are made in time for your walk down the aisle. 

Prom and Bridesmaids

Finding the perfect dress and finding the perfect fit do not always go hand in hand. Lengths and sizes are just a fraction of the work Alterations by Alyona does to make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful on the day of your event. 


Making a lasting first impression is important, which is why we work to make sure your business attire has the right fit. From suits to skirts, each clothing is treated not only with delicacy, but with your requests in mind. 


Custom Alterations

Not every  request falls into a specific field. Because of this, we offer a wide variety of custom alterations that are made to fit your needs. From hem adjustments to zipper fixes, all modifications are considered. 

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